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Make Us Your Destination for Comprehensive Cardiac Treatment

With leading-edge technology in the field of progressive cardiac treatment our team of experienced board certified physicians and friendly staff at Cabrillo Cardiology Medical Group look forward to serving all of your cardiac needs. We understand how much the quality of your health care service matters to you, so we take every step necessary to offer the best cardiology solutions by using the most current technology available and providing a welcoming and compassionate environment.

As a leader in cardiovascular services for Ventura County, our goal at Cabrillo Cardiology is to enable each doctor to provide personalized care to each of their patients while offering the necessary advantages that a group practice provides, like state-of-the-art equipment and consultations with peers.

Comprehensive Cardiac Treatment Solutions Designed Just for You

Over time, our group has continued to grow, and we currently have seven cardiologists on our team. As part of our commitment to offering comprehensive cardiology solutions for all of our patients, we provide the following comprehensive diagnostic and treatment of cardiovascular disease. 

Put Your Trust in Our Leading-Edge Cardiac Technology Program

Our leading-edge cardiac technology program features cutting-edge medical equipment that is specially designed to provide the highest quality of personalized heart care for each patient. All of our board-certified physicians have been trained at the finest institutions and are continually working to advance their skills and clinical expertise within the ever-changing field of medicine.

We are proud to be members of the following groups:

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